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Inclusive but far from complete list of writers who have/had something to do with Fremantle

Battye, J.S.

Bignell, Merle
Bolton, Geoffrey
Bryan, Cyril ('Cygnet')
Burton, Alfred
[[../people/burkeshane.html|Burke]], Shane
Byrski, Liz
Caldwell, Kate
Cameron, J. M. R.
Campbell, Robin McK.
Carter, Alan
Conole, Peter
Davidson, Ron
Delmege, Sharon
Dowson, John
Drewe, Robert
[[../people/ellementconnie.html|Ellement]], Connie
Elias, Daniel
Erickson, Rica

Errington, Steve

Ewers, John K.
Evans, Christine
Ewers, John K.
Furphy, Joseph
Gare, Deborah
Garwood, Roger
Hasluck, Alexandra
Hasluck, Paul
Herbert, Xavier
[[../people/hitchcock.html|Hitchcock]], J.K.
Jamet, Delphine
[[../people/hutchison.html|Hutchison]], David
Kelly, Brendan
[[../people/kelsoken.html|Kelso]], Ken
Kiera, Agnieshka
Kinnane, Stephen
[[../people/ingleknight/index.html|Knight]], Ingle
London, Joan
Lutton, Linley
McKeough, Michelle

Marks, Bill

[[../people/mooregf.html|Moore]], George Fletcher
[[../people/oldmandiane.html|Oldman]], Diane
Pascoe, Rob
Reece, Bob
Scott, Kim
Seddon, George
Seymour, Alan
Silbert, Eric
Silvey, Craig
Snell, Ted
Statham-Drew, Pamela
Stephens, Robert
Straw, Leigh
Trollope, Anthony
Tuckfield, Trevor
Tull, Malcolm
Webster, Renée
Whish-Wilson, David
Winton, Tim

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See also: Writers of fiction (only) - the list above is inclusive, with historians, planners, novelists, memoirists ...

Authors on the High St Literary Trail: 1. Kim Scott, 2. Xavier Herbert, 3. John Boyle O'Reilly, 7. Joan London, 8. Tim Winton.

Authors having 'totems' on the Writers Walk: 1. Kim Scott, 2. Xavier Herbert, 3. John Boyle O'Reilly, 4. Joan London, 5. Tim Winton.

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