Page Built Demolished Streets Wikidata
Round House 1830 Q2641780
South Beach Battery Q68636326
US Navy Laundry
Warders Terrace Q66976599
Warders' Cottages
1 Ada Street, South Fremantle Ada Street
10 Ada Street, South Fremantle Ada Street
12 Ada Street, Fremantle Ada Street
4 Ada Street, South Fremantle Ada Street
6 Ada Street, South Fremantle Ada Street
8 Ada Street, South Fremantle Ada Street
2 Ada Street, South Fremantle Ada Street Marine Terrace Q72996242
St Patrick's Basilica Adelaide Street Parry Street Q510611
89 Attfield Street Attfield Street Q72996607
1 Bateman Street Bateman Street Q66975365
3 Bateman Street Bateman Street Q66975422
5 Bateman Street Bateman Street Q66975426
7 Bateman Street Bateman Street Q56053169
9 Bateman Street Bateman Street Q56053170
First Church of Christ, Fremantle 1940 Canning Highway East Street Q73005277
40 Edmund Street Edmund Street Martha Street
Australia Tavern Edward Street Beach Street Q72995348
Bundi Kudja Hampton Road Q72995489
Beacon Theatre 1937 Hampton Road Wray Avenue Q45918006
Fremantle Police Quarters 1978 Henderson Street Parry Street Holdsworth Street Q72996164
Moore's Building 1899 Henry Street Q7958477
1 Henville Street 1890 Henville Street Q72999302
2 Henville Street Henville Street
3 Henville Street Henville Street
10 High Street High Street Q66974860
16 High Street High Street Q66974949
33-37 High Street High Street Q66974958
71 High Street High Street Q56052645
Fremantle Grammar School 1885 High Street Q5501487
Oriana Cinema 1972 High Street Q14935893
Victoria Hall High Street Q7926747
247 High Street 1898 High Street Bateman Street Q72999360
Marich Buildings 1897 High Street Henry Street Q6762556
Higham's Buildings 1890 High Street Market Street Bannister Street Q30622483
Walyalup Civic Centre High Street William Street Newman Court Q113560459
1 Jenkin Street Jenkin Street
18 Jenkin Street, South Fremantle Jenkin Street Q72999755
22 Lilly Street, South Fremantle 1898 Lilly Street Q73000261
130 Marine Terrace, South Fremantle Marine Terrace Ada Street
2-6 Market Street 1900 Market Street Elder Place Q72995387
12 Ord Street Ord Street Q56053138
Fremantle Arts Centre Ord Street Finnerty Street Q5501470
9 Pearse Street Pearse Street
Robert Harper Building 1890 Phillimore Street Pakenham Street Q30622529
Old Customs House Phillimore Street Peter Hughes Drive Q14935795
23 Quarry Street Quarry Street Q72995985
Navy Warehouse 1935 Queen Victoria Street Q56053558
Fremantle Foundry 1897 2014 Queen Victoria Street Beach Street Q73008480
The Tannery 1854 Russell Street Q66976493
Seaview Tavern 1898 South Terrace Q72995460
11 Stirling Street Stirling Street Q73003291
Town Hall William Street Q5501504
14 Wray Avenue Wray Avenue Q73004016
19 Wray Avenue Wray Avenue
32-34 Wray Avenue 1897 Wray Avenue Q73061938
Hampton Buildings 1896 Wray Avenue Little Howard Street Q28225129
11 Yilgarn Street Yilgarn Street Q73004261
9 Yilgarn Street Yilgarn Street