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The Fremantle Society was established in 1972 and has since then sought to improve the quality of life in Fremantle and to protect the existing unique built and cultural heritage.

The Society can be contacted via email at

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Aims & objectives

  1. To give responsible voice on matters affecting the overall character and development of the Fremantle area.
  2. To encourage the improvement of the Fremantle area as a desirable residential and commercial district whilst retaining its unique character.
  3. To encourage the retention and restoration of buildings and settings of historic and aesthetic value.
  4. To encourage the preservation of the natural heritage of the Fremantle area.
  5. To ensure that the new development complements established patterns, is of high architectural and aesthetic standards, and serves the long-term interests of the area.
  6. To foster the development of the area as a major cultural, educational and entertainment centre.


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The Society has an extensive archive of documentary material stretching back over its whole history, much of which is of general interest to Fremantle residents. This archive currently resides in a number of physical and virtual locations, and a number of Society members are in the process of sorting everything out.

The locations of various parts of the FS archives.
Digital Analogue
Newsletters FreoWiki: Fremantle Society newsletters 11 Captains Lane and the Local History Collection
Minutes FreoWiki (see below) and a shared folder on Dropbox 11 Captains Lane
Photographs FreoWiki 11 Captains Lane and the Local History Collection


Minutes of AGMs, list of past meetings, etc., to be added.

Submissions to Council