FreoWiki is a civic wiki for the people of Fremantle, Western Australia. It was first established under the auspices of the Fremantle Society in 2011, but was re-launched in 2022 and is open to everyone's contributions (i.e. yours!).

A civic wiki (or city wiki) is a central information hub and social network for a geographical area, that anyone may contribute to. It's a knowledge base about a city; a place to find out (as well as record) what's going on; a shared calendar of events; an online repository for photographs and other digital media; and much more. You could think of it a bit like a Wikipedia for a particular community — and just like Wikipedia, a civic wiki depends on everyone's involvement in order to become a useful, and used, resource.

(By the way, the wiki in the name just indicates that every page can be edited by anyone reading it, just by clicking the edit link at the top right.)

FreoWiki is listed on WIkiApiary:

Why does Freo need a wiki?

Freo has an amazing community, and there is a huge amount going on. People are dedicated to making this a wonderful place to live. Living here isn't just about having a roof over your head; there's a particular vibe here, a 'Freo way of life'. This site is about connecting with this, learning about it and encouraging it.

There are many websites about particular aspects of Fremantle — the Herald, blogs, venues, churches, the CoF, etc. — but no single, overarching, site to go to that connects all these. FreoWiki is the place to post event announcements, news, and other snippets of information that don't really fit in elsewhere on the web (no need to create a blog, for example, to advertise a one-off action).


See other towns' exciting examples of civic wikis: Portland; Karlsruhe; Davis; London; Córdoba; or Charlottesville. There are many others!