These are just a few maps in which I happen to have taken a particular interest. Poke around yourself on the SRO website. Also check out The Chart and Map Shop, now at 70 High Street Fremantle.

1833, Cons3868_Item_109

Part of Fremantle showing some additional Allotments shaded blue
Which are submitted by the
Surveyor General, [John Septimus Roe]
For the approval of the Lieutenant Governor.
March 20. 1833.

Click/tap on the map to go to the SRO page to download a fullsize copy. The filename is Cons3868_Item_109.jpg. The SRO has '[[../people/shentonwk.html|W.K. Shenton]]' at the end of their title. His name appears on the right-hand bottom corner after 'Copied by ...'

REMARKS. Lots 433 and 448 [in Market Street, coloured reddish] to be reserve of the Crown, being the site of the original Burial Ground.
The Green [along the river bank] shews the additions made by Governor Stirling to the allotments, 13th Sept 1834.
The Lots marked S to be considered special Lots.

The plan is signed (but not dated) 'Approved F.C. Irwin Lt Governor'. He was acting 1832-33 while Stirling was in England.

A street called King Street is shown to the eastern end of the town. It was never built and that land became part of the Barracks Square. Henderson Street is not shown, as I believe it was not laid out until the arrival of E.Y.W. Henderson in 1850.
Stirling Street was planned to cross Ellen Street (named for his wife) and continue towards the river to almost join up with James Street (at the then un-named Quarry Street) but was not made, because that land was vested in the town in 1873 and granted to the people as Fremantle Park in 1879.

The version printed in [[../books/ewers.html#plan|Ewers 1948]] is available on this site.

1834, Cons3868_Item_110

Click/tap on the map to go to the SRO page to download a fullsize copy. The name of the file is Cons3868_Item_110.jpg. The SRO calls it 'Fremantle by Hillman' tho it is not signed by him (or anyone else).


Plan of the town of Fremantle West Australia as marked out on the ground in 1844.
Someone has added in cursive in blue pencil or ink 'by [[../people/chauncy.html|Chauncy]]'.

Click/tap on the plan to go to the SRO page to download a fullsize copy. The filename is Cons3868_Item_126. A signature in ink looking like 'J.S. Roe' is near what appears to be 'Surveyor Gen[eral]'. The date 1865 in pencil follows some words which might say 'Additions in red by [illegible]'. There are two or three more names in pencil near the bottom, one of which is [first name] Samson.

The plan shows features later than 1844, notably by a light drawing of the [[../organisations/convicts.html|Convict Depot]] buildings (i.e., the [[../buildings/prison.html|prison]]), not as it would actually be built, but in the panopticon design. At least that part of the drawing, and probably all of the map, was presumably made after June 1850, when the [[../ships/scindian.html|Scindian]] had arrived with the first transportees. That design appears in a report submitted by E.Y.W. Henderson in August 1851 (as shown in Campbell 2017: 15) and signed by him.

A careful examination of the lettering of the names of Henderson, William and Queen establishes (at least to my satisfaction) that Henderson Street was a later addition to the original plan, requiring 'Queen Street' to become 'Queen St' and the 'St' of William St' to be squashed up against one of the lines of the newly added Henderson Street. The conclusion that can drawn from this observation is that the Street was named for the newly arrived Comptroller of Convicts, Captain E.Y.W. Henderson.


Plan of the town of Fremantle Western Australia Plotted from the survey made in November, 1844 by P. L. Snell Chauncy

Click/tap on the plan to go to the SRO page to download a fullsize copy. The filename is Cons_3846_Roll_Plan_106_plan.

The large '1844' on the plan is misleading in that, although Chauncey's survey was done in that year, there are additions to the plan that we now have that are later than that date, most obviously the plans of the Convict Depot which are now the rectangles that were actually constructed rather than the panopticon design of Cons3868_Item_126 (above).

As with the previous plan based on the 1844 survey, there has been a reduction of the length of both Queen and William Streets to allow for the addition of the new Henderson Street. Queen and William Streets are the only streets on the plan which do not have the full word 'Street' - but only the abbreviation. Also, the words 'Queen' and 'William' are positioned in the middle of what were clearly longer streets in the original plan; now they are much nearer the right-hand end of their street. 'Queen' may very well have 'STR' after it - the paper is damaged there. WILL'M is lacking the I and the A. Once again, it may be inferred from these observations that the Street was new and was named for the newly arrived Comptroller of Convicts, Captain E.Y.W. Henderson - as everyone on from Kate Caldwell in 1931 has agreed.


From the file with this name: Cons3850_item_17e-i.jpg, this is one of five documents. It shows the first station and quarters of the police and water police. It's signed by A. Hillman and approved by governor Fitzgerald, dated 23 June 1853.


This is the Snell Chauncey map of 1844, as redrawn by [[../people/campbellrobin.html|Robin McKellar-Campbell]]. This is a JPG conversion of the TIFF original, which was of 50Mb. This one is a bit more than 3Mb, still large but just as legible.
Campbell has signed and dated it, twice, once as 1980 and the other 1984, on the bottom line.
You'll want to download it to your desktop and view in as large a size as possible on your screen.

References and Links

Campbell, R.McK. 2017, Henderson & Coy, privately published in association with the Faculty of Architecture, UWA.

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URL link to the catalogue page for the first map above , the one from 1833:

[[../commerce/chartandmap.html|Chart and Map Shop]], 70 High Street.

See also: Maylands maps.


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