There are 548 streets and roads documented on this website. Of these, 137 have Wikidata items. The street etymologies project is aiming to research the origins of the names of as many of these as possible.

Street Suburbs Named after Photo Wikipedia Wikidata OSM Relation
Ada Street South Fremantle Q85379546
Adams Street
Adcock Way Fremantle (suburb) Frank Henry Burton Adcock Q98350193
Adelaide Street Fremantle (suburb) Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen Yes Q4681786 9733067
Agnes Street Beaconsfield Q120997793
Ainslie Road North Fremantle Q122271673
Alexandra Road
Alfred Road
Allen Street
Alma Street Fremantle (suburb) Battle of Alma Q113448920 14957088
Ameling Rise Fremantle (suburb) Anne Hilda Ameling Q119806747
Amherst Street Fremantle (suburb) White Gum Valley Josceline Amherst Q113469314 14448190
Andrews Road
Angwin Street
Annie Street Beaconsfield Anne Mary Healey Q113469335
Antrim Lane Fremantle (suburb) County Antrim Q119149968
Arundel Street Fremantle (suburb) Arundel Q119863252 16151427
Ashburton Terrace Fremantle (suburb) Shire of Ashburton Q119863281
Attfield Street Fremantle (suburb) South Fremantle George Attfield Q113451971 14957130
Badham Close
Baird Place Samson Colin Baird Q119489874
Baker Street Fremantle (suburb)
Bannister Street Fremantle (suburb) Thomas Bannister Yes Q29027032
Barfield Place Beaconsfield John Henry Barfield Q119490751
Barker Street
Barnett Street Fremantle (suburb) Henry Calvert Barnett Q56447174
Bateman Street Fremantle (suburb) John Bateman Q111360870
Bay Patch Street
Bayleaf Retreat
Bayly Street
Beach Street Fremantle (suburb) beach Yes Q28428531 11189687
Beard Street Beaconsfield George B. Beard Q113474441 14958839
Beazley Way
Bedford Street
Bellamy Street
Bellevue Terrace Fremantle (suburb) John Higham Q120067255
Belmont Street
Bennewith Street
Bickley Close
Biddles Lane
Binns Court
Birksgate Road
Blamey Place
Blinco Street Fremantle (suburb)
Boas Place
Bolt Street
Bolton Place Fremantle (suburb) Isaac Bolton Q120884902
Booth Court
Bostock Street
Bowen Street
Bracks Street
Bradbury Way
Bradley Court
Brennan Street Fremantle (suburb) John Charles Brennan Q120884947
Briggs Court
Brockman Place
Brolo Court
Bromley Road
Broome Street
Bruce Street
Burford Place
Burns Street
Burt Street Fremantle (suburb) Archibald Burt Yes Q28428513 9760208
Butson Street
Butterworth Place
Cadd Street
Caesar Street
Caldwell Street
Canning Highway Yes Q1033401 9577288
Cantonment Street Fremantle (suburb) cantonment Q61911749 9361928
Capo d'Orlando Drive Fremantle (suburb) Capo d'Orlando Q118413588
Captains Lane Fremantle (suburb) Albert Ernest Trivett Q116980206
Carnac Street Fremantle (suburb) Carnac Island Q61911580
Carnac Way
Carob Court
Carr Street Beaconsfield P.V. Carr Q119717547
Carrington Street Hamilton Hill Beaconsfield Hilton Palmyra White Gum Valley Charles Wynn-Carington, 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire Q116168268
Central Avenue
Chadwick Street
Chalmers Street Fremantle (suburb) James Chalmers Q120997888
Chamberlain Street
Charles Street
Chester Street South Fremantle Q124457504
Chivers Court
Christina Parade
Chudleigh Street
Clarke Street
Cliff Street Fremantle (suburb) cliff Yes Q28220358 8536942
Clontarf Road Beaconsfield Hamilton Hill Q113334888 14958846
Cockburn Road Yes Q5139553 9767587
Colburn Way
College Corner
Collick Street
Collie Street Fremantle (suburb) Alexander Collie Yes Q28382503 13132451
Collinson Street
Commercial Street South Fremantle Q116168111
Congdon Street
Conway Court
Coode Street
Cooke Street
Coral Street
Corkhill Street
Cottonwood Place
Council Place
Coventry Parade
Covich Avenue
Cower Mews
Crabtree Mews
Craig Street
Crandon Street Fremantle (suburb) Q121001643
Croke Lane Fremantle (suburb) James Nias Croke Q119127925
Croke Street Fremantle (suburb) James Nias Croke Yes Q65050107 11583383
Culver Street
Cumbor Way Samson Fred Cumbor Q119191614
Curedale Street Beaconsfield Q112650222 14274630
Curtin Avenue
Customs Place
Cypress Lane
Dale Street South Fremantle Q111700637 14071016
Dalgety Street
Daly Street South Fremantle Q110633717
Darling Street
Darroch Street
Davies Street Beaconsfield George Alfred Davies Q92679005
Deering Street
Delamere Lane
Delisle Street
Delrosso Place
Dermer Road
Direction Way
Dixon Street
Doepel Street
Doig Place
Dorothy Street Fremantle (suburb) Q109119354 13360864
Dorrie Lane
Douglas Street
Douro Road South Fremantle Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington Q109299058 13379650
Doust Street
Duffield Avenue
Duke Street
East Street Fremantle (suburb) east Yes Q28428524 13382539
Edgar Court
Edmondson Street
Edmund Street Beaconsfield White Gum Valley Fremantle (suburb) Q66817615
Edward Street Fremantle (suburb) William Edward Parry Q63639748 16057064
Elder Place Fremantle (suburb) Elders Limited Yes Q28428535 14953125
Elizabeth Street
Ellen Street Fremantle (suburb) Ellen Stirling (née Mangles) Yes Q5365025 10006889
Emma Place
Essex Lane
Essex Street Fremantle (suburb) Essex Q62029350 13132518
Ethelwyn Street
Eucla Court
Euphrasie Court
Fairbairn Street Fremantle (suburb) Robert Fairbairn Q56384410 9361942
Farrell Street
Farrier Lane White Gum Valley
Fay Street
Feeney Street
Ferres Street
Field Street
Fifth Avenue
Finnerty Street Fremantle (suburb) Charles Finnerty Q113300589 14391429
Fisher Street
Fleay Lane
Fleet Street Fremantle (suburb) fleet Q66759002 9969610
Fletcher Street
Flindell Street
Forrest Street
Forsyth Street O'Connor
Fortescue Street
Fothergill Street Fremantle (suburb) Edward Henry Fothergill Q117336691
Foundry Court
Francisco Street South Fremantle Alexander Francisco Q117338135
Freeman Loop
Fullston Way
Gallop Street
Garling Street
George Street
Gibson Street
Girton Lane
Glyde Street
Gold Street Q73006229
Goldsbrough Street Fremantle (suburb) Goldsbrough Mort & Co. Q113697907
Gough Place
Greer Lane
Grey Street Fremantle (suburb) Henry Grey, 3rd Earl Grey Q121020777
Griffiths Place
Grigg Place
Grosvenor Street
Hale Street
Hamilton Street
Hampton Road Fremantle (suburb) Beaconsfield John Hampton Yes Q5646280 16787362
Hanlin Way
Hanlon Street
Harbour Road
Hargreaves Road
Harvest Road North Fremantle Q28382510
Harwood Street
Haynes Court
Healy Road
Hebbard Street
Henderson Street Fremantle (suburb) Edmund Henderson Q92489177 13132450
Henry Street Fremantle (suburb) John Henry Yes Q16342680 8406929
Henville Street Fremantle (suburb) Sampson Henville Q113495102
Herbert Street
Hevron Street
Hickory Street
Hicks Street
High Street Fremantle (suburb) White Gum Valley Yes Q5757160 8536837
Higham Road
Hill Street
Hillside Road
Hines Road
Holdsworth Street Fremantle (suburb) Lionel Holdsworth Q107237617 13132512
Holland Street
Hollis Street
Holmes Place
Hope Street
Hoskins Street
Howard Street
Howell Vista Beaconsfield Arthur Howell Q28950389
Howson Street
Hubble Street
Hudson Mews
Hughes Street
Hulbert Street South Fremantle
Humble Way
Instone Street
Inverleith Street South Fremantle Q123219797
Irene Street
Irwin Street
Ives Close
Jackson Street
Jaggs Way
James Street Fremantle (suburb) James Stirling Yes Q17846269
Jarvis Street
Jean Street
Jeffery Street
Jenkin Street South Fremantle Q112869285 14317196
Jewell Parade
Johannah Street
John Street
Jones Street
Jose Court
Josephson Street Fremantle (suburb) Abraham Moise Josephson Q120486110
Joslin Street
Karak Lane
Keady Way
Keegan Street
Keel Place
Keeling Way
Kellow Place
Kildare Link
King Street
King William Street
Kirby Way
Knutsford Street
Kooringa Place
Kwong Alley
Kybra Lane
Ladner Street
Laidlaw Street
Lawrence Way
Leach Highway Yes Q1754006 9577256
Leake Street Fremantle (suburb) George Leake Yes Q29027030 14957553
Lee Avenue
Lefroy Road Beaconsfield South Fremantle Q110720197
Leighton Beach Boulevard
Leighton Development Road
Leitrim Lane
Leslie Road
Letchford Street
Letitia Road
Lewington Street
Lewis Court
Lilly Street South Fremantle James Lilly Q116867196
Lime Street
Limerick Way
Little High Street Fremantle (suburb) Q111728766
Little Howard Street Fremantle (suburb) Q113859723
Little Lefroy Lane
Livingstone Street
Lloyd Street
Lockett Street
Lois Lane
Long Street
Longford Road
Louisa Street
Loukes Street Fremantle (suburb)
Lukin Mews
Lynch Place
Lynn Street
Malcolm Street
Manning Street
Manoora Close
Marchant Road
Mardie Street
Marimont Street
Marine Terrace Fremantle (suburb) South Fremantle Yes Q6764233 8536961
Market Street Fremantle (suburb) Yes Q6770741 8536931
Marmion Street
Marsh Close
Marshall Way
Martha Street South Fremantle Beaconsfield Q118489386
Martha Street East
Martha Street West
Mather Road
Mathieson Avenue
Maxwell Street
May Street
McAtee Court
McCabe Place
McCabe Street
McCleery Street Beaconsfield Q121097980
McCombe Avenue
McGregor Road
McKenzie Road
McLaren Street
McMahon Way
McNeece Place
Meiers Street
Mews Road Fremantle (suburb) South Fremantle Q61911716 9361914
Michael Street
Milbourne Street
Milky Way
Milroy Street
Milson Place
Minilya Avenue
Mofflin Street
Molfetta Quays
Montgomery Street
Montreal Street
Mooney Place
Moran Court
Moran Street
Morris Street
Moss Street
Mouat Street Fremantle (suburb) J.A. Mouat Yes Q15252423 8536962
Mouquet Vista
Mrs Trivett Place
Mulberry Farm Lane
Murphy Street
Nairn Street Fremantle (suburb) Charles Nairn Yes Q57991369 15433743
Nannine Avenue
Napier Road
Navan Court
Naylor Street
Nelson Street South Fremantle Q118538657
Newbold Street
Newman Court Fremantle (suburb) Edward Newman Q113560463
Newmarket Street
Newspaper Lane
Nicholas Crescent
Noble Close
Noel Street Fremantle (suburb)
Norfolk Lane
Norfolk Street Fremantle (suburb) Norfolk Yes Q28428555 13132567
Norman Street Fremantle (suburb)
North Mole Drive
North Quay Road
Notley Court
O'Hara Street
O'Reilly Close
Oakover Street
Ocean Drive
Ocean Road
Old Port Beach Road
Oldham Crescent
Onslow Street Fremantle (suburb) Alexander Onslow Q121028148
Orchard Lane
Ord Street Fremantle (suburb) Harry Ord Yes Q17846349 9361935
Orient Street
Paddy Troy Mall Fremantle (suburb) Paddy Troy Q121093581
Paget Street
Pakenham Street Fremantle (suburb) H. Pakenham Yes Q28220381 11583384
Palmerston Row
Pamment Street
Parmelia Street South Fremantle Q120997825
Parnell Road
Parry Street Fremantle (suburb) William Edward Parry Yes Q7139898 8536936
Pass Crescent
Passmore Avenue North Fremantle Q117420030
Paton Place
Patrick's Filter Lane
Pearse Street
Peel Road
Pensioner Guard Road
Peter Hughes Drive Fremantle (suburb) Peter Hughes Q57970768 9361931
Petra Street
Petterson Avenue
Phanos Lane
Phillimore Street Fremantle (suburb) John Phillimore Yes Q28382505 9361973
Phyllis Street
Pilbarra Street
Pilling Place
Pioneer Court
Pitts Lane
Plane Tree Grove
Point Street Fremantle (suburb) point Q66815827 16057063
Polo Way
Porcelli Close
Port Beach Road
Porter Street
Preston Point Road
Price Street Fremantle (suburb) James Price Q112700905 14292594
Pritchard Street
Proctor Street
Prowse Street
Quarry Street Fremantle (suburb) quarry Q92650466 16057065
Queen Street Fremantle (suburb) Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen Yes Q7270511 9733790
Queen Victoria Street Fremantle (suburb) Victoria Yes Q7270544 9733066
Raceway Road
Rawlinson Street
Redmond Road
Rees Street
Rennie Crescent North
Rennie Crescent South
Reuben Street Beaconsfield Q63275933
Reveley Court
Richmond Crescent
Riggs Way
Riverside Road
Robinson Street
Rochfort Way Fremantle (suburb) Frank Rochfort Q121098178
Rockingham Road Hamilton Hill Spearwood Lake Coogee Henderson Wattleup Naval Base Rockingham Yes Q7355401 9733075
Rollinson Road
Roper Street
Roscommon Crescent
Rose Street
Rous Head Road
Rowe Court
Rudderham Drive
Rule Street
Rushby Way
Russell Street Fremantle (suburb) John Russell, 1st Earl Russell Q114284305
Sainsbury Road
Salustri Place
Samson Street Fremantle (suburb) White Gum Valley Q112229529 14217195
Scott Street South Fremantle Q113584218
Seaview Street
Sellenger Avenue
Sewell Street
Sheedy Street
Shepherd Street
Short Street Fremantle (suburb) Augustus Short Q71391735
Showell Street
Shuffrey Street Fremantle (suburb) George Smith Shuffrey Q55548351 9361896
Silas Street
Silver Street South Fremantle Q118536769
Simms Road
Simper Crescent White Gum Valley Q121099886
Sinclair Street
Skinner Street Fremantle (suburb) Q116311625
Sleeman Close
Slip Street Fremantle (suburb) slipway Q61911899 9361968
Smith Street
Snook Crescent
Solomon Street Beaconsfield Fremantle (suburb) Elias Solomon Q112220442
South Beach Promenade
South Street South Fremantle Fremantle (suburb) Beaconsfield White Gum Valley O'Connor Hilton Samson Yes Q16354840 9577267
South Terrace Fremantle (suburb) South Fremantle Yes Q7568626 13132506
Sowden Drive
Speedy Cheval Street
St Peters Road
Stack Street
Stamos Court
Staples Street
Staton Road
Stevens Street
Stirling Highway Fremantle (suburb) East Fremantle North Fremantle Mosman Park Peppermint Grove Cottesloe Claremont Nedlands Crawley James Stirling Yes Q2350332 9577300
Stirling Highway Exit
Stirling Highway Southern Extension Fremantle (suburb) East Fremantle Q98140291
Stirling Street Fremantle (suburb) James Stirling Q108196920 16057052
Stock Road Bicton Palmyra Melville Yes Q14935913 9733070
Stockdale Road
Stokes Street
Strang Court
Strang Street
Suffolk Street Fremantle (suburb) Suffolk Q112270707
Sultan Way
Sumpton Street
Sunset Coast Tourist Drive Q27062582 5595423
Swan Street
Swanbourne Street
Sweetman Street
Sydney Street
Tangney Crescent
Tapper Street
Taylor Street
Temby Court
Terrene Lane
The Cutting
The Terrace
Thomas Street
Thompson Road North Fremantle Q28407306
Thornett Street
Tidal Lane
Tipuana Green
Tolley Court
Tondarup Way
Tonkin Road
Trafford Street Beaconsfield Q124322684
Trusting Lane
Tuckfield Street Fremantle (suburb) Roger Goldsworthy Q63775618 14391428
Turton Street
Tydeman Road North Fremantle F.W.E. Tydeman Q65975851
Tyrone Street
Vale Street
Vickridge Close
Victor Street
Victoria Quay Road
Village Lane
Walker Street
Wallace Way
Wallwork Court
Ward Street
Wardan Lane Fremantle (suburb) ocean Q56118364 8536941
Wardie Street
Wardle Place
Wardle Road
Warren Street
Waterford Street
Watkins Street White Gum Valley Daniel Glyn Watkins Q113322931
Weatherburn Way
Wellesley Way
Wesley Street
West Meath Street
Wexford Way
White Street
Wicklow Close
Wilkinson Street
William Street Fremantle (suburb) William IV Yes Q28382508 9361900
Willis Road
Wiluna Avenue
Winterfold Road
Wongan Avenue
Wood Street Fremantle (suburb) White Gum Valley Barrington Wood Q119148626
Woylie Lane
Wray Avenue Fremantle (suburb) William Ernest Wray Q56827415 11500168
Wright Street White Gum Valley Charles D. Wright Q111736730
Wyola Lane
Yalgoo Avenue White Gum Valley Yalgoo Q119829533 16005926
Yarrick Street
Yilgarn Street White Gum Valley Q113660902
York Street
Yuna Lane
Zeta Crescent