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Convict-built wall on Holdsworth Street.

There was a wall of one kind or another around the entire Convict Establishment, including the Prison, and along the boundary streets: Alma Street, South Terrace, Henderson and Holdsworth Streets – as well of course as Hampton Road and Knutsford Streets, where the Prison's walls form the boundary. (Except where there are openings for entrances, such as the one for the drive up to Edmund [[../people/henderson.html|Henderson']]s residence, The Knowle.)

In contention in September 2023 is what remains of walls which in the 1850s would have run almost continuously along South Terrace from Henderson to Alma Streets. It is under threat from the development of the proposed Police Complex. The plan will remove twenty metres (20m!) of convict-built wall. Work on the site has already begun—before the permission procedure is complete!

And there is a heritage 1850s wall running northeast from South Terrace on the boundary between the Oval and the Hospital. Originally, in about 1853, it would have been the boundary between the [[../buildings/barracks.html|Barracks]] and [[../buildings/marmioncottage.html|Henry Wray's residence]] near the corner of South Terrace and Alma Street. This wall is probably also under threat from disappearing under the southern end of the Police Complex.

In these pages I have tried to show images of all of the wall portions remaining. There are none at all in Alma Street, nor in Hampton Road from Alma Street to the prison.

There is a another sigificant heritage probably-convict-built wall on the western side of Fothergill Street along the top of Fremantle Oval (formerly the Barracks Square), from somewhere inside the hospital to Fairbairn Street – as seen complete and intact in this 1896 photo below:


Fremantle Library image no. 2056, 1896.
Those two (non-boundary) walls may once have met near the top of the hill.

Convict-built walls on South Terrace.

Convict-built walls on Holdsworth Street.

Convict-built walls on Henderson Street.

Convict-built walls on Alma Street.

Convict-built walls on Attfield Street.

Convict-built walls on Fothergill Street.

Convict-built walls on Hampton Road.

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See also the page for the Asylum and look at the images showing the walls which completely surrounded its grounds.

See also: demolished William Street wall.

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